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The VVMF Registry

Robert Bruce Algie


PREWAR: Born: 8/17/1945 Altadena, California Grad Glendora High School 1963. Active in Track & Field, Science Club, Graphic arts Club. Attended Cal Poly Pomona for one year) and Citrus College for two years -- AA in Physical Science 1966. Drafted in June 1966. Enlisted in USAF.
Served from July 1966 through July 1970. Served in Vietnam Theater in 1967-1968. Stationed at Udorn RTAFB and Nakhon Phanom RTAFB with CLASSIFIED Covert volunteer mission into Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. During tour in SEA I worked on A-26, T-28, and A-1E type aircraft. Responsible for weapons systems on all aircraft at NKP. Very turbulent time in SEA. Many things we did as Air Commandos were never recorded or fully documented due to classified status. Served at NKP during the TET Offensive in January 1968, Highest award received was the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Clusters. At end of one year tour service was extended for additional six weeks. Returned to Travis AFB at 2AM No one was there to meet me. Very lonely welcome home. I remember not fitting into society in any manner. Last two years of service at Castle AFB Merced, CA, working on B-52 weapons and nuclear stores. Honorable Discharge 1970.
Worked everywhere and did everything after that. Diagnosed with War Related PTSD and Depression in 1998 (28 years after serving) Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from Excelsior (formerly Regents) College in 2000. Married 1984. two sons. Wife died from Alzheimer's in 1995. Remarried 2016. Lived in CA growing up, USAF, 8 years in Wichita, KS, 15 years in CA, 16 years in Rockford, IL, 12 years in Nashville, TN. Currently retired from IT field. Hobbies included Photography, Songwriting, Book Writing, Drag Racing (building and driving) Cross Country Ski Racing, Mountain Racing, Triathlons, Biathlons, Marathons, Competitive Swimming, Mountain Biking. Inactive in sports now due to failing joints. Best Job I ever had was working at the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) on the NationalDRAGSTER Magazine. The most meaningful duty I had while in the USAF was the 13-1/2 months I spent in SEA. The most outstanding accomplishment I have is raising two great sons. The best time of my life was High School and right now. I am a member of the Air Commando Association. Due to my lo lifelong battle with hPTSD I have no contact with anyone I served with in the Air Force.

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