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The VVMF Registry

Robert Arthur Maiellaro


I enlisted as an OCSA to go to OCS at Newport. I was commissioned as an Ensign with a 1315 designator which was Air Intelligence. After some schools I was assigned to VF-81 (later VA-81 and now VFA-81) as their Air Intelligence Officer. During my time with VF-18 we deployed on the Intrepid and the Forrestal. With the help of our flight surgeon I passed the eye test and with an endorsement from our Skipper, CDR Heyward, was accepted to flight training. I reported to Pensacola for preflight and then flew the T-34 from Saufley and then the T-28 at Whiting. I was in the prop pipeline and asked for S2Fs so I could get carrier duty. I did advanced training in the S2F at New Iberia, After earning my wings, I was ordered to VS-22 at Quonset Point, RI. Before that I had to complete the training at the RAG at Key West. I was with VS-22 from late 1960 to March of 1964. We were assigned to the Anti-Sub Air Group on the USS Lake Champlain, CVS-39, the last of the straight decks. So I got to fly paddles passes day and night during that time period. I went to shore duty at the Navy Yard in DC with an Intelligence organization. I had applied for augmentation to the regular Navy but was not accepted. When I made LCDR I understood that as a Reserve I would not have a full career in the Navy so I asked to be released. With the companies I was with after the Navy I lived in the East Coast, the West Coast, England , and now Texas. Texas is our permanent residence. We have 3 grown children, having lost our youngest in CA, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grand children.

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