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The VVMF Registry

Richard M Gardner


I was drafted and did my basic training at Ft Polk and AIT also at FT Polk. I arrived in Vietnam and went to the replacement center near Saigon. From there is was sent to Pleiku in the Central Highlands. I was sent to an Armor Cav unit. I ended up on a M106 4.2 inch mortar Track in C Troop 3-4 Cav. Most of our operations were West of Pleiku doing road security and security in fire support bases. In March 1967 we were sent to the east coast and boarded an LST and were sent to the area of Duc Pho. There we again did road security and convoy security and fire support base security. Something new was providing security during Village sweeps by infantry units. We would act as a blocking force as the infantry sweep through the village. We also provided security for road mine sweeping. This is where I hit a mine that the mine sweepers had missed. I received a Purple Heart for injuries and so did 2 other guys on the track.

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