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Paul L. Paget


I was an Air Force brat, being one of four children raised by a loving mother and a militarily influenced father. After my father retired from the military we moved to Riverside, CA. where I finished my last two years of High School and two years of college. I met my first wife the first week of my senior year in High School and we married three years later. After only four months of marriage I was drafted into the Army.

I went to baic training at Ft. Ord, CA where I froze my butt off, and then to AIT in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. where I sweated my butt of in July/August smmer heat and humidity.

I was sent to Viet Nam one month later and assigned to the Big Red One (1st Infantry Division), “if you are going to be one, might as well be the big red one” as the saying goes. I was a PFC combat engineer (12B10). I sat on a perimeter bunker for a month acclimating to the country, then spent a month mine sweeping a four mile stretch of dirt road every morning at 5:00 AM from a fire support base to a Vietnamese village. I then drove a dump truck which was a blast. A month later I was assigned to drive our platoon leaders jeep. This was even more fun and had better benefits – I couldn’t serve KP duty or guard duty as I had to be available to the Lt. at all times. After being in country for 8 months the Big Red One rotated back to Ft. Riley KS, and I was transferred to the 25th Infantry Division to Dau Tieng. One more month in country and I could have rotated back with the 1ID. No luck there.

At the 25th ID I was assigned to the 65th Combat Engineer Battalion and became the PLL Clerk for the motor pool. I had a desk job in the motor pool which was much better than driving a dump truck and building culverts. I remained in the motor pool until I returned to the US where I was stationed at Fort Carson, CO. I remained at Ft Carson for the next 20 months where we essentially moved bridge parts from one side of the bridge yard to the other side just to keep us busy. I would say that the majority of my time at Fort Carson was done doing busy work.

While at Fort Carson I quickly learned that it behooved me to learn how to be Soldier of the Guard. It was really easy. All one has to do is have the best pressed uniform, best spit shined boots, answer the Officer of the Guard with quick snappy answers to the same trick questions asked by every Officer of the Guard; how many belt loops on fatigue pants, how many trucks are there on Ft. Carson, who is the commander in Chief of the WACS, etc..

I ETS’d from Fort Carson and moved 100 miles north to Fort Carson where I lived for the next 35 years. I returned to college studying civil engineering for two years. I dropped out of college due to a divorce. School tuition, books, and child support just didn't come cheap. I went to work for a general contractor and did that for 35 years. I remarried, had two beautiful daughters, and now one grandson and two grand daughters. I married my current wife, moved to Estes Park, CO and opened up a bed and breakfast. We ran the B&B for almost nine years until we retired and moved to Arizona where we currently live. We did a four year stretch as full RV'ers and after purchasing a home and doing an extensive remodel now live in a 55+ commuity in Arizona. Life is good

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