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The VVMF Registry

Michael Franklin Aston


Joined the US Airforce on September 4th, 1967. Went to basic training at Lackland AFB, Texas. After Lackland, I was assigned to Chanute AFB, Ill for Tech School as an Aircraft Pneudraulics Tech. After graduation I was assigned to McConnell AFB, Kansas training on the F105 Thunderchief aircraft. In November of 1967, I was assigned to Korat RTAFB, Thailand, in the 388th TFW. Initially maintained the F-105 aircraft and after approximately 6 months, we transitioned to the F-4 Phantom. During my tour in Tailand, I was promoted to E4 (Buck SGT). Durng my time in Thailand, I also went on missions to Udorn, Takhli, Ubon, and U-Tapao to recover aircraft that had to make emergency landing there due to Hydraulic System issues. The trip to U-Tapao was a 3 day pass to visit an old friend I went to school with (Larry Kizziar). In October of 1969, I was assigned to McClellan AFB, California. At this base, I was assigned to the 552nd AWACS. I worked on the EC-121. Also, during that time, I trained to be an inflight Mechanic and accomplished at least 4 hours of flight time each month. In 1970, I went back to Korat RTAFB on TDY for 30 days. During that TDY, I flew on a mission over Cambodia in support of operations on the ground. While flying over Vietnam on route to Japan, we lost UHF radios and had to land at Da Nang AFB. We spent the night there (approximately 18 hours) and the base happened to get shelled while we were there. We left the next morning for Japan. While stationed at McConnell AFB, CA. in August, 1970, I was promoted to SSGT (E5). I was discharged from active duty on Sept 3rd, 1971 and moved back to Oklahoma. In September of 1972, I joined the USAF Reserves. The 507th TFW. With my total time in active duty and in the reserves, I spent 14 years as an enlisted (E6) and after completeing my college education in 1981, I applied and was accepted in the Deserving Airman's Commission Program. In September 1982, I was sworn in as a 2nd Lt (01). After 35 years in the USAF Reserves, I reached the rank of Lt Col (05) and retired in September of 2007.

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