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The VVMF Registry

Leslie Jack Nottingham


USAF from 7 Jul 64 - 31 Jul 87. Served in Vietnam from April 1966 - April 1967. Duties included Air/Security Police Jul 64 - Apr 68; Air Operations Specialist/Supervisor Apr 68 - May 74, Security Police Supervisor/Superintendent May 74 - Oct 84 and First Sergeant 341st SPS and 341st Transportation Squadron Oct 84 until retirement 1 Aug 1987 as a MSGT (E-6). Chronologically, I was stationed at Lackland AFB, TX (Basic Training Phase 1 & 2); Paine Field, WA (DDA Assignment as trainee with 10-15 other young Airman); Phan Rang AB, Vietnam (366th APS & 35th SPS); Williams AFB, AZ (Security Police and re-trained to Air Operations (Base Ops, Squadron Ops, Flight Scheduling, Flight Records, etc.); Howard and Albrook AF Bases Panama Canal Zone Air Operations Supervisor; 68th SPS (SAC tenant Bomber/Tanker Wing on a TAC Base) Seymour Johnson AFB, NC Security Police Supervisor(Flight Chief); 51st SPS Osan AB, ROK, Flight Chief and NOIC, Squadron Training Section; 341 Missile Security Squadron & 341 Security Police Group (Flight Security Supervisor and NCOIC Information Security Section (Wing Security Monitor/Inspector & Law Enforcement Investigations); Volkel AB, NL, (6362 Munitions Support Squadron, NATO) Security Police Supervisor/Superintendent. Malmstrom AFB, MT (Flight Security Supervisor the SP Group was short of officers, so SrNCOs including me were also assigned as Flight Security Officers), Superintendent, 341st Security Police Squadron, Base Security Superintendent, including Flight Line, Weapons Storage Area, Special Aircraft arrival Security, and On/Off loading convoys from/to WSA and Flightline and finally, during my assignment in the NL it seemed to me that the two First Sergeants I worked with took a lot of time off and our Squadron Commander had me fill in while they were on leave. As the 341st SPS Superintendent, the same thing happened. I talked to my Commander about becoming his First Sergeant as the current one was retiring soon. He told me to go for it. I did and was his 'temporary' First Sergeant. After a couple of months I was able to go to the First Sergeant Academy at Keesler AFB, MS. When I got back and went to the office I had a note to call Chief Salley, the Wing Senior Enlisted Advisor. The good news was that he didn't tell me to pack my bags, and the bad news was that he wanted me to be the First Sergeant for the Transportation Squadron, there really was no choice.... I really did enjoy my time as a first Sergeant and felt that I made a difference in the Transportation Squadron in morale, welfare and cohesiveness. A couple of years later, I retired. When out and about and people tell me "Thanks for your service", I reply, "You're welcome, I may not have thought so at the time, but it WAS an HONOR and a PRIVILEGE to do so."

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