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Kenneth Eugene Simons


I was born Northwest of Austin, TX, in a log cabin that my Dad had built, a couple of years prior to my birth, for his family. I grew up North of the Austin, TX area, mainly in the Cedar Park and Jonestown areas.
I attended the Leander school system from the 1st grade through the 12th grade. Seven years after returning from Vietnam, I enrolled in Austin Community College and acquired an Associates of Applied Science degree in Electronic Technology … which now equates roughly to a Computer Science and Technology degree.
I enlisted in the Naval Reserve in Austin, TX, with the help of a good friend of my maternal grandfather.
I served aboard the USS Coral Sea, CVA 43 during the West Pac-Viet Nam era, as an FTG (Fire control Technician - Gunnery) in the Fox unit.
My best friendship was with Thomas James “TJ” Brohm (sp?), who became my guitar buddy. I have since lost touch with him.
My nickname was Squeaky, because of my unusually high (non-Texas-like) high voice
Our unit was awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation.
The day my active service ended, and my subsequent return to reserve status, was the day Admiral Zumwalt declared that all reservists that had less than 3 months remaining in their active status could return home. I had 2 months left.
I returned back to my home that I had rented 4 months prior to my deployment.
Since I had been employed with AT&T over a year before I was deployed overseas, I was able to return to the exact job I had.

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