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The VVMF Registry

Joseph Henry Rogers


I enlisted in the US Navy at 17, turning 18 on July 30, 1969 at the completion of Boot Camp (Great Lakes, IL). I then attended RD (Radarman) "A" school where I volunteered for Vietnam. Upon graduating in December of 1969, I was transferred to the Naval Inshore Operations Training Center in Vallejo, CA for Swiftboat crew member cross training in the "Coastal River Patrol and River Incursion" course. While there I also attended SERE training in Whidbey Island, Washington. Upon completion I transferred to Vietnam in March 1970 as an RDSN, age 18, and assigned to PCF-93 in COSDIV11. We spent the majority of our time in the Delta at "Sea Float" at Nam Can. During one firefight on June 9, 1970, we were hit with a B-40 rocket. I received shrapnel wounds and was awarded the Purple Heart. In December 1970, I was transferred to NAVFORV HQ in Saigon after we turned the last of the Swiftboat divisions over to the South Vietnamese. I remained in Saigon until June 1972 at which time I was discharged. After 13 months of unsatisfactory civilian life, I re-enlisted in the Navy and remained until Retirement as a CWO3 on January 31, 1992. I served on the ships: USS Guam (LPH-9); USS Sumter County (LST-1181); USS Hewitt (DD-966); USS Farragut (DDG-37); USS Talbot (FFG-4); and USS Yorktown (CG-48). Ashore, I served as an instructor at Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic, Damneck VA (RD "A" School commissioning / DD-963 NTDS Instructor); Fleet Training Unit, Little Creek VA; and Commander Maritime Defense Zone, Atlantic at Governor's Island, NY. I progressed up the enlisted ranks to Operations Specialist Senior Chief (OSCS) and was then commissioned as a Chief Warrant Officer (CWO2), retiring as CWO3. I served in billets as: Senior Instructor; Leading Chief; Training Unit Training Officer; Electronic Material Officer (EMO); Communications Officer (COMMO); and Combat Information Center Officer (CICO).

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