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John James Moore


Dad worked for the Army so we traveled all around. Northern California, New Jersey, France, and back to Northern California, and a short stay while Dad was on TTY in Illinois.

Graduated High School 1965. Drafted in Oct 1967, Oakland, CA, after two years of junior college and parties. Trained: Ft Lewis, Ft. Polk, Ft. Benning, Ft. Ord, kept volunteering for more training; Then:

Bravo Company, 5/60th, 9th Infantry Division, third and fourth platoons, Rach Kein, Mekong Delta. 11Bravo and 11Charlie (it's a long story, but I had both MOS's). Vietnam Oct 68-Aug 69, came home on the pull-out.

Back home finished junior college, then on to Sac State where I graduated with a degree in Accounting. While at Sac State worked with a CPA in Roseville, CA. Was awarded a CPA license in Jan 1975, and with the CPA I worked with formed Roseville's first accounting firm. Was also the fourth CPA in Roseville...long time ago. Still practicing today as a partner in a local firm.

Agent Orange: you might know that the Mekong Delta was heavily sprayed, especially where the 5/60th worked. In 2005 contracted Amyloidosis, from being exposed to AO. My local doctor friends in town told me I had about 18 months to live. Being somewhat a geek, went to the internet and found Boston University Medical Center, that had been treating and researching Amyloidosis since 1965. Went to treatment as a 215lb, weight lifter, distance runner and in the best shape of my life (except for jump school). Came home six weeks later at 175lbs. Rough treatment.

Still working at 75 in 2023, clients will not let me retire, enjoying life with my wonderful wife (Kirsten) and two Australian Shepperd's, and going to our annual reunions.

Have a wonderful Daughter (Natalie) and Son-in-Law (Ed), and grandson (Will).

Life is GOOD...

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