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Jerome T Paull


I was in the 1st Force Recon Co. and was assigned Tempoary-additional-duty (TAD) to MAC(V) SOG for six months (June 1965 - December 1965). From January 1966 to August 1966, I was a recon platoon leader in the 1st Force Recon Co.

My platoon conducted recon patrols from Ba To, Tam Ky, Hue/Phu Bai, Chu Lai, and Cam Lo. My platoon made the first combat parachute insertion into Hiep Duc in June 1966.

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June 1966 Halo jump
posted on February 20th, by Angela Martin,
Sir, I am not sure if you were with my husband, James Martin, for the first Halo jump into Vietnam June 13, I believe. My husband was the Marine who twisted his ankle upon landing. I wasn't married to him at the time. Jim never told me much about that time as I think much was classified. Jim passed away recently and his funeral was at Arlington National Cemetery. Marines do it right. Thank you for your service and best wishes. Angela
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Once upon a time long ago, yesterday!
posted on October 1st, by Tommy Clay,
I know you as Lt. Paull, you were my platoon leader, my best platoon leader. You were waiting for me at the LZ pad at Chu Li when the chopper brought me back from being left behind at Hep Duc. I have always wondered if you made it back, glad to know you did. You helped me survive after you left. We got so short handed by the time I left, I was acting platoon leader, platoon sgt, and team leader. Thanks.
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