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James Michael Warwick


I was born in Hampton, Iowa, I lived in Iowa my whole life until I went to bootcamp, March 2,1972. I played football and ran the mile in High school, I had the school record for the mile run at 4:46 for twenty years. I made Eagle Scout on October 1971. During high school I was going to enlist in the Iowa National Guard, but a Navy recruiter came to Cal one day and that was my decision for serving our country. Since we were Juniors, the recruiter encouraged us all to stay and finish high school. I enlisted in the Navy October 1971 and went active duty March 1972. The driving force for me to go Navy , I wanted to serve our country, but my Great Uncle Jim Watt died on the USS HOUSTON CA 30 at the battle of Sunda strait, March 1, 1942. My Uncle Lowell Warwick served during the Korean War on the USS Wabash. After bootcamp, I went home for ten days leave, then back to San Diego for PN “A” school. I went home for ten days after graduation then off to the Mt Hood. When I got to NWS concord no one knew where the Mt Hood was for sure only it was overseas .. In the transient barracks I met my lifelong friend Chuck Pennino who was also headed to the Mt Hood. A couple days later we were on the USS Mauna Kea AE22 headed for the Philippines. After a week or so the Mt Hood pulled into port. We checked onboard, loaded up with ammo and off we went to the coast of Vietnam. We passed off all our ammunition and went back to the Philippines for more ammo. We made a few liberty ports but mostly the Philippines and back to the coast of Vietnam. When the war ended in January 1973 we stayed until April and headed back to the world.. Our favorite name for the States.. We were in the Arabian Sea Area in the Yom Kippur war. That was our second tour and stayed overseas for six months. January 1975 we headed back overseas for our third tour in four years, the Mt Hood was anchored off the coast of Vung Tao as we had EOD onboard looking for a cargo door of the plane that crashed with children being evacuated from VIetnam. During this time Saigon fell and we were there with Several ships assisting in the evacuation. We left the area after that heading for Cambodia to assist in the Mayaquez Incident, but turned around before we got there as it was over.. We got back to the states I believe in June 1975. That September I went to Kansas to be a groomsman for my friend John Akin’s wedding. Little did I know at the time I would meet my future wife and best friend.. We soon had a Son, Nathan . We lived in Kansas City for a year as that is where Kathy is from, we moved back to Iowa. I started working for Franklin county road department. Danielle was born in 1981.. From these two kids we have eight beautiful Grandchildren. I served on the Coulter Fire department as a volunteer for 25 years and as Mayor of Coulter for 20 years. The apostle Paul tells us some are born to serve and that has been my direction and guidance.. I have since retired after forty years working for the County highway department. Kathy and I are enjoying retirement together. The navy and Boy Scouts I feel prepared me for my service to others.. I am presently an Elder at an LCMS church. I am very proud of my service on the Mt. Hood during the Vietnam war and would be glad to serve this wonderful country again.. May God bless the staff of VVMF for all you do. As our leaders often said in the Navy. Carry on

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