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The VVMF Registry

Gary Edgar Gibbs


After an initial 3 yr enlistment (draftee gone RA) ending with a tour in Germany I spent some time as a civilian and then returned to service in 1970 without loosing a paygrade. It was my good fortune in 1972 to be picked to fill a vacancy at MACV HQ upon arrival in Vietnam from Ft. Campbell where I volunteered for duty after a short while as a clerk/gopher for the 101st Airborne HHQ & Band. I was assigned to the joint service logistics command, DL-42 in Saigon. While I participated in runway surveys in combat areas I was never in a firefight and only came under fire once when our C-123 lost an engine in flight to VC fire somewhere west of Da Nang. I was with MACV until the military draw-down closed our section in 1973, I remained in service until 1979 when my son was born.

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