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Donald Hubert Patrick, Jr


"Lam Nut Bau troi, Rung chuyen Trai Dat" (Crack the Sky, Shake the Earth)
~ Signal to communist forces telling them to commence the greatest battle in the history of Vietnam. The Tet '68 offensive was countrywide and well coordinated, with more than 80,000 communist troops striking more than 100 towns and cities. The Saigon region was among those areas hit.

A friend of mine, SP4 Felix Fernandez, had just driven me from Cu Chi to my new assignment at Bien Hoa. Less than a day later I heard my first rockets fly over and slam into the earth. I had never heard such an awful sound. There was no comparison to the sound of mortars or RPGs. These rockets sounded like freight trains. For me, TET '68 had started.

TET '68 was a significant emotional event in my life. I lost several good friends during that time. One, Bill Steffes, standing only a few feet from me. TET '68 will remain indelibly marked in my memories for some time to come.

I must admit, as time goes by, I find that my memory begins to fail me in many other areas. I'm saddened by the prospect that our comrades-in-arms would have lived and died for our flag and country and it may come to pass no one might remember their sacrifices or - even know their names.

I believe it is important that we resolve ourselves to assure that all of our elected officials are those that support and remember the sacrifices of our comrades in arms. If that means helping our elected officals find a new profession, then so be it.

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