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The VVMF Registry

Daryl William Gordon


I enlisted on the "buddy plan" with my friend Leonard Maynard, photo is included with Leonard on the left and me on the right. We entered service directly after high school and was sent to Fort Campbell, Kentucky for 8 week basic training, in July 1967. I then received 8 weeks of advanced training as a 36K Field Wireman at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Leonard went to San Antonio for medic school and he was then sent to Vietnam. I was promoted to PFC from AIT because I graduated first in my class there. Was then flown to FRG, diverted from Frankfurt to Stuttgart due to weather and was then bused back to Frankfurt to the headquarters of the 3d Armored Division. Was then transported by deuce-and-a-half to the headquarters of the 2d Battalion, 6th Field Artillery in Coleman Kaserne at Gelnhausen, FRG. Was immediately assigned to Headquarters Battery as a replacement for the Battalion Commander's driver who was rotating. Drove for two Battalion Commanders and during that time was assigned to S-1 and, when not performing duties for the Battalion Commander, spent my time in S-1 updating regulations and manuals. While in S-1, I was slotted as a Public Information Specialist and promoted to Spec4. I knew nothing about that MOS, but took a proficiency test and missed getting proficiency pay by only 3 points. I bailed out of the job as driver for the Battalion Commander and got assigned to the wire section. I then did get to spend some time in my actual trained MOS in the battalion wire section. Did go to Grafenwoehr with my section and there is a photo included of me stringing wire there. I was later assigned to the battalion message center where I filled out my time in FRG. During that time, I was requested by the Battalion Commander to also perform duties as the Intelligence NCO who had been levied for Vietnam and had no replacement in the pipeline. I myself was levied for Vietnam three times while in FRG, and each time battalion command got the orders rescinded. Twice I was levied as the 36K wireman and once for the Public Information Specialist MOS. The last time I was levied was when I was in charge of the message center and performing duties of the Intelligence NCO. The Battalion Commander told me that he could keep me there to do those duties when he could not keep the actual Intelligence NCO there; so that is what he did. Being in charge of the message center and doing the Intell job I was doing duties normally assigned to two E-8s. Pretty much because the replacements were going to 'Nam and we continued to be short staffed or lacked qualified personnel; I had been promoted to Sergeant, however. Being in FRG was no picnic. We trained extensively during that time and responded to our forward alert area often; spending time in position for any attacks that may have come through the Fulda Gap area that we were responsible for defending. After 31 and a half months, I was returned to the States and assigned to an active reserve unit for one year followed by an inactive reserve assignment for two years and I was honorably discharged in 1973. With the greatest respect for all my Vietnam vet brothers, I signed the same blank check as you did, there was just a different plan for me. We all went where we were sent and did what we were told to do. Bless all of you who have endured everything thrown at you and RIP all of those that did not make it home and those who are no longer with us for other reasons related and unrelated to the war. I had a forty year career in the fire service in Indiana and am now enjoying retirement in north central Florida. The last photo in the photo spread shows how I like to pass my time. BTW, my birth year is correct, day and month are not for privacy reasons.

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