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The VVMF Registry

Charles Francis Sands


I was raised in a ranching and farming family in Glendale and Elgin, AZ. I attended public schools, then college at New Mexico Military Institute and Arizona State University where I majored in accounting and received a Regular Army commission. I served as a field artillery battery commander in West Germany and at Ft. Lewis, Washington. I then served as the assistant province senior advisor for all combat service support elements (S-1 & 4) in Chuong Thien Province, RVN from December 1968 to July 1970. I then served in the 2nd Logistical Command in Okinawa for 20 months, and after more schooling I was the Logistics and Maintenance Platoon Leader of the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) until I resigned my commission in October of 1974 in order to help manage my family's farms and ranches in Arizona. My most satisfying military service was in MACV where I was doing what I was trained to do when it mattered the most.

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