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The VVMF Registry

Carol Ann Bays


Grew up in CA. When I was a child, my dad was a lumberjack at our family mill located on grandparents' ranch near Blue Ridge, CA. He served in New Guinea during WWII (Army). His mill partner was my uncle, a WWII Navy bomber pilot over Pacific (ret. as Rear Admiral). Our family loved national parks and frequently visited/camped at Yosemite, Sequoia/Kings Canyon, Lassen Peak, and Crater Lake, OR. My dad's ashes are at vet cemetery in Igo, CA near Lassen. I retired near Zion Nat'l Park, UT. I served in USAF 1966-70. Hot war was in Vietnam. I served with an intel unit in Germany as part of Cold War. Went on to use GI Bill all the way through M.A. in Comm. At one point, taught at Dixie State Univ., UT. Married, raised 5 kids and have a dozen grands (one is a great grandchild). Will always be true to my pledge to support and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

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