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Carl David Conklling


I was born 6 April 1949 at Balboa Naval Hospital, San Diego, California. My dad was in the Navy at the time and my mom was a housewife then. Eventually they had 8 more children. The last one was born on 4 July 1966 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
When my dad departed from the Navy in 1953( I believe) we moved to Missouri. In 1955 we moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming where I graduated high school in 1968 and joined the Marine Corps. I fully expected to be sent to Vietnam at the end of my Boot training, as did most GI's at that time period.
However, I was sent to Virginia for schooling to become a small arms repairman. In January 1969 I reported to MCB 29 Palms, California and served as the armorer for the H&S Company for one year. The career planner would come by once in a while to give a lecture of some kind in our building. I would ask him about transferring to another base. He kept telling me I had to re-enlist for 4 or more years and I told him that I still had that much time on my current enlistment. Finally, he came by with Marine Barracks Panama Canal. I was there from January 1970 to March 1971. Then back to Quantico, Virginia to issue weapons to men that played war against the OCS students there. The unit disbanded sometime in 1972. My final duty was at MCAS El Toro, California where I served for a while as an armorer for H&MS-37 and then as pistol range NCOIC before leaving the Marine Corps on 1 April 1975.

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