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The VVMF Registry

Armando David Galindo


CO C 2/501st, Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, Airmobile. Went to the DMZ, NOV. 13-18, 1969, Quang Tri Province, the entire battalion of 2/501st, Infantry 101st Airborne Division, Airmobile in 16 Chinooks . In a night Hot LZ Combat Air Assualt, I took out a NVA officer, wounding him as he fired on in comming slicks, who were waved off. We held hill over looking a bunker complex. Rest of CO C 2/501st, Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, Airmobile came after the hill was secured. What ensued was a platoon of NVA, went into complex. As night wore on, I took out a NVA with a head shot, looking out the bunker. In the morning the wounded officer, waved his hand. I yelled out fo Company Commander Capt. Allyison, we took him as POW. Mortar crew came in fired several rounds. Ordered into complex, with a 45 and flashlight, all were KIA total of 29. I got the Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal "V" Device for my actions. Was in Operation Texas Star, Firebase Ripcord AO battle, beginning to the end. With 2 days left took a volunteer squad over looking Firebase Ripcord, pock marked bomb craters, 105's bannana split barrels on August 6, 1970. Mission of a MIA, KIA platoon. They were found.

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