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Help and Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Registry?

The Registry is a place where individuals who served during the Vietnam Era and returned home can create online profile pages that commemorate their service. Profiles in the Registry should be made for individuals who are currently living or those who did not serve in the Vietnam War zone but have since passed.

We proudly believe that service to our country is something that should be celebrated, honored, cherished and remembered. VVMF’s Registry is intended to do just that for ALL who wore the uniform of nation’s armed forces during the Vietnam Era and came home. As stewards of the legacies of those on The Wall and those in our In Memory program, we are honored to now be the stewards of our living veteran’s legacies. Together we will create a lasting place where the legacies of those who served, those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who returned home but later died as result of their service are interwoven. These legacies and your legacies created within the Registry will be treasured by and shared with future generations, ensuring their place in history for all time.

If my person died during the Vietnam War, can I make a profile page for them?

If a person died during the Vietnam War, it is more than likely that their name is inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall). Men and women who died as a direct result of their service should have a profile page on VVMF’s Wall of Faces – Please do not create Registry profiles for those who are already memorialized on The Wall of Faces. Profiles made on the Registry for individuals on The Wall of Faces will be removed.

If my person served during the Vietnam War era in the war zone but has since passed, can I make a profile page for them?

If a person served in the Vietnam War zone during the era and later passed away, we would ask that you please submit an In Memory program application for the individual, rather than create a profile page. VVMF has a special program to honor these individuals and provides a unique place to honor and memorialize their service through the In Memory Honor Roll. To learn more about the In Memory program and the In Memory Honor Roll, please visit :

I made a mistake creating my profile. How do I fix it?

You have access to editing your profile information and the ability to add to it once you log into your profile.

I forgot my password. Can you tell it to me?

No. VVMF does not access your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it here:

How many pictures can I upload to my profile?

During initial creation, you are limited to two (2) photographs. Once your profile has been created and approved, you can then edit your profile to upload more pictures.

Staying Safe Online

Here are some tips to staying safe online while using the Registry:

  1. VVMF will never ask for personal information such as your social security number or service number.
  2. VVMF will never ask you for financial information, such as bank account, credit card, debit card, etc. The only time financial information is to be provided to VVMF is when you choose to make a donation to the organization through our secure, online donation forms.
  3. Choose a strong password that does not match any of your other passwords, such as email or banking. VVMF will never ask you for your password.
  4. Do not share other personal information such as family members names, addresses, etc.
  5. If you suspect that someone is trying to gather any of the above information from you or posing as VVMF trying to get that information from you, contact VVMF immediately.

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